Startapp.Com SCAM BE AWARE

So what happened with me i put startapp sdk into my two apps and after 4 days they have blocked my account for no valid reason,so i have tried to talk with them and resolve the issue and they just ignored me and closed the ticket lol . so i came here to expose them , read my chat with them from BOTTOM TO TOP .

They didn’t ignore you, it looks like they replied with their reason for banning you.
It may be that they banned you wrongly and are mistaken on their evidence… that I can’t know of course.

But if StartApp was really a scam they would wait for at least a month (or more) of income before banning you and keep your earnings for themselves.

Exactly what I was thinking. That move would have come a month (or more) later.

Looks like you’ve tried to click on your own ads or generated fake impression/clicks. I’ve been working with Startapp for the past year and so far they have been one of the best Ad Networks.

I have never generated fake clicks, impression or installs,if i did that i never come here to talk about that (sorry for bad English) they told me my apps auto click on ads and install apps from ads into people’s device’s,if there was something like this they why google has approved my apps?? 2# if my apps generate fake click and installs then why were 0$ in my account? I would call them dumbass rather than scammers but at some point a scam can happen because of this, they don’t know what they are doing, i asked them to show my source code they said no no. I never seen dumbass like this in my life

I really doubt how they deal with you or they want to act like Google to ban people in error and never listen to what’s wrong

Yes it’s so wired :confused:

Hey everyone,

As part of our efforts to provide the best solutions to both our developers and advertisers, our platform evaluates many factors for each and every new account in order to make sure it’s aligned with our terms & conditions. We are in the process of examining this case specifically to determine what the issue was.

As always, our support team is available at [email protected] to answer any questions you may have about StartApp or about your StartApp account.


Now i got a email from Startapp Team Manager “Matthew Kaminsky”,he re-activated my account finally !! ,maybe because i posted about this issue here,anyway im happy to see that there is someone on their team with knowledge of the stuff they are doing .

Congrats! Really happy that Startapp doesn’t want to be the second Google!

If you think that’s the case, it may be good to start diversifying networks to test which one gives you the best eCPM and fill rate. If you want a full list (it’s more used for UA), you can go to the link in my signature.

StartApp continue make mistake !!!

I had registered with email [email protected] a few month ago, but don’t user them SDK.
I only use Admob Sdk until i see them bonus in summer, i decided use Startapp SDK with my Ios App.
In August i have earn over 2100$ with Startapp and few day ago they had banned my account with the same reason of master’s topic.

I had use Admob SDK and here my proof of admob

And here the status of my app in Apple Store

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 09.50.57 (2).jpg

Startapp said i had use tool to auto-click, generating impressions,install…
This demonstrates that startApp can detect my frauds, but Google did not?!
Can i ask anyone here who can deceive google yet? No, no and no body can do that.
I need a action from StartApp, if anythings else happen i will mark StartApp as a SCAM ADS NETWORK.

They block account without any reason (they didn’t response on tickets) and they don’t want to pay money which I earned till the account block…

Now their support does not want to reply on my emails… Waiting for the response now

Startapp banned my account and dont want to send my money because i had bad maturity posted on google play.

Be aware of them! They can ban you for anything and not send your money!!!