Startapp august payment

What is going on with Startapp still not received the august payment im on PayPal.

i think you should wait to receive payment the next month using wire transfer

They said their Paypal account got suspended and it got lifted last week. We’re meant to finally be getting the payment this week, but who knows when. I wish they were keeping us more up to date on the matter :frowning:

Me too, i mean we are talking about some seriouse numbers here.

im still wait…

FINALLY, i received my August payment.

i received my August payment too :slight_smile:

Just got it! :slight_smile:

Yeah. Finally!

Hi All,

Just wanted to apologize again for this delay. It was an issue that was out of our hands, and we worked very hard to resolve it as quickly as possible.

I’m happy to hear you started getting paid, if anyone did not get paid yet, contact [email protected] with the details and they will assist you ASAP.

Thanks for your patience everyone!


Got mine, thanks. Stuff happens- you guys have paid on time in the past so no biggie.