Startapp Antivirus problem

Hi. I integrated startapp interstitial in my app and I’m getting bad reviews for Antivirus that detect my app as an intrusive adware. What is the problem?

Yes, I am removing startapp now. People started to write, that there exist a virus in my app

What do you prefer instead of startapp? Any PPD stable networks?

Remove searchbox

I’ve only interstitial, no search box and I’m getting bad reviews.

I integrated Startapp in my all apps and have no review about virus detection! :expressionless:

I had two, but this can be a propaganda. Maybe someone paid to that antivirus company to flag startapp ) I wrote to the reviewers, asking which antivirus are they using. Will let startapp know, if I get an answer.


Some antivirus software flags apps based on permissions used, notice most virus reviews will be from Russia.

I saw another post about this has the issue been resolved yet?

Unfortunately the issue lies with the developers of the Anti-virus apps. While many have updated their databases and listened to what the ad networks in question had to say, there are and will be some that have not.

Only with time will the issue eventually be resolved.

The forum is commendable. I had this plethora of issues at startup. I had re-installed my antivirus how to disable mcafee then it was resolved.