Making Money with Android

startapp ads ( get money from each download)

do you use banner ads in your apps? your probably getting very low revenue
or you are using notifications ads? in that case i guess you have 1 or 2 star ratings for your apps and a lot of bad reviews
do you want a better solution that give you a lot of money and at the same time keeps your apps download and rating high?
you can have that if you use StartApp ads… StartApp will pay you each time someone downloads your own app in exchange of an icon on the
the user home page that can be removed and a bookmark link directing to StartApp web search URL.
they pay 0.05$ for each new install from u.s and 0.01$ from other countries… so you can gain up to 50$ from a thousand install…
also… when you reach 100 install they will give you 25$ …
so what are you waiting for … sign up here and start making real money… StartApp

tell us something new…
if you want to make money you should better start creating apps, not referrals

i have apps -_-

everyone have startapp here and we know about it since it’s started :expressionless:

This is what I call spammers spamming other potential spammers :slight_smile:

While you’re right that he is spamming billyh, please stop labeling others as “spammers” etc. I’m sure you have been warned to stop this behavior.

He is spamming you so its a problem but its ok for you to spam your users?

Might be better to take up this discussion via PM, rather than allowing it to take over other threads. Or start a new thread to discuss “out of app” advertising in general, if that’s what you’re talking about @billyh.