StartApp + Admob mediation (Can get Pey-Per-Install from StartApp)?

I integrated Admob Mediation(with admob,inmobi,Mmedia,adfalcon networks) and StartApp in my single App.
Admob Mediation is for Banners Ads and
StartApp is for Exit Ads(interstitial)

I have 3 doubts floating in my mind. May be you developers must have come across this. Please share your views on this

  1. Is StartApp allowed along with Admob Mediation in single App?
  2. Can i get benefits from both(StartApp/Admob mediation networks)?
  3. Pay-Per-Install StartApp feature will still work in this way?

[NOTE] Currently i am able to see Banner Ads from Admob and Exit Ad from StatApp in my Test Application successfully


i heard that StartApp installs some search Icon in user’s device to support pay-per-install feature.

Do i need to configure/add something specific in my java code to invoke pay-per-install OR simply their INIT call before setcontentview() will do the job?

StartApp’s SDK INIT call before setcontentview() in oncreate() will register for PAY-PER-INSTALL and EULA or there is separate way to do this ?

it will do that automatically, just follow the docs word to word. What ppd rates are they offering? I just changed from startapp(0.98 ecpm) to admob(3.9x) ecpm, and my revenue tripled. Really happy with that :slight_smile: