Startapp Ad Network

hi every one

today i received e-mail from Alice from Startapp, he write about Startapp and they bay for download that pay up to $50 for every 1000 downloads,did any one use this Advertising Network?

please fill free to write about Startapp

thank you


My name is steve and I am working with them. They payment goes like this:
$50 per 1000 US downloads and $10 per 1000 non-US downloads. I am very satisfied… they are realy great. This is what you wanted to know?

This is my apps, please have a look and tell me what you think of them:


Lets do the math on this one.

Best case: 100% USA downloads and EVERY SINGLE CLICK equals an ‘install’.
$50 / 1000 = $0.05 CPC

My experience has been that (on average) install rate is 20%. This means that those 1000 downloads needed 5000 clicks. This is a CPC of $0.01 … about equivalent to Admob on a REALLY bad day.

Do the math guys… this looks like a bad deal!

Hi Steve,

Could you share some more experience you’re having with Startapp? I’m trying to sign up on their page:

I filled the form about 2 weeks ago and got an auto-reply telling me to wait for one of their account managers to contact me about the ‘next step’. But I don’t hear anything from them eversince.

I also have few questions:

  • Where is the ‘login’ button on their website?
  • Do they currently have a developer’s dashboard ready to use?
  • Do they pay on time?
  • What’s the detail about their “partial integration” vs “full integration”


I received an email from Alice back in January. And before that, I had registered with them in October. But never got any replies also.

I am not too sure they are serious about their developers.

Good luck!


Thanks for the info guys, customer support for the developer is very important to me, so it’s good to know!

Hi All,

My name is Ariel, a senior account manager at

I saw that some of you tried to contact us but didn’t get an answer, i’m sorry about that.

We put our developers at top priority and are simply overwhelmed with inquiries, so some may have not replied to.

mind - I think your calculation is off, as there is no “click” factor in the revenue generated by the developer. It’s not that a click equals an install, the revenue numbers are generated when your app is downloaded (with our SDK integrated). So 100% U.S installs would mean 1000 install equal $50. Hope that explained it more.

lgmcben - About your Q’s -

  • Where is the ‘login’ button on their website? Our dashboard is currently not open to all developers, it will be soon. We direct the developer contacting us to the sign up page for the dashboard.
  • Do they currently have a developer’s dashboard ready to use? Yes, install and revenue stats are there.
  • Do they pay on time? Yes :slight_smile:
  • What’s the detail about their “partial integration” vs “full integration” Feel free to email me for more details.

Again, apologies for the lack of responses to some of you, please contact us again and hope we can have you on board.


I have one question about this Advertising Network, do any antiviruses detect this as a “virus”?

@Ariels - Thanks for posting those details, it’s good to get a response from someone in the company :slight_smile:

hay, i also registered yesterday but still no response from the startapp

I registered a week ago and still no reply. This tells me they may not be very reliable.

I’ve been thinking the same thing. But we can’t ignore the fact that their revenue model is too good to be true. (It’s like selling FREE apps for $0.05 in the US)

Anyone got paid by them? We are in need of your response now. Please share your experience! =)


I’ve been thinking the same thing. But we can’t ignore the fact that their revenue model is too good to be true. (It’s like selling FREE apps for $0.05 in the US

Ya it would be perfect for my soundboard apps. And I would have over double the profit I have now and I would be able to quit my part time job and make apps full time (currently a college student). If they do reply to me I would try it with my less popular apps.

same here. registered last week and no replay yet. seems it has worst customer support. they loosing developers from the beginning!! what a crap

Hi Again,

Just wanted to give you guys an opportunity to directly contact me - [email protected]

Since we had some issues with our automatic emailing system, some of you may have not received a link to our online developer site.

Thing is, we don’t have the portal opened up to everyone just yet, that’s why you can’t reach it straight from our site.

Again, please feel free to contact me directly with any question or request you guys have and i’ll get back to you ASAP.

We had an incredible growth, reaching nearly 3000 live apps and 100,000,000 SDK downloads in just over 6 months. This fast growth got things a bit backed up in our initial lead response, but I assure you guys we are live and happy to accept new developers!

Hope to hear from all of you as soon as possible.


Hi all,
first of all, i would like to thank the one who started this thread because this thread is the reason that i started to use StartApp.

it’s been about 3 weeks now and im totally happy with the results that im getting. i have integrated the StartApp SDK with two of my apps(top downloading) and getting really amazing result. currently im getting $30+ per day and it’s increasing day by day.

unlike all other ad networks StartApp pays for the downloads, not for the ad clicks. so your earnings are proportional to the downloads. i think there are pros and cons in this model but it’s too early to discuss. however still my best choice is leadbolt and the second one would be StartApp. i think StartApp is way better than the Airpush and SendDroid as it pays more with less spam.


Awesome!!! Thanks for sharing!!

Hi asanka,

How many downloads do you get on average for the total of the 2 apps?

In terms of comparing icon ads, does it perform better than leadbolts?

For example, leadbolt’s icon ad can be recurring revenue source, as everytime someone uses the icon to download an app, you get some kaching… startapp is you get paid only once per installation. I could be wrong in this, do correct me.

I am guessing startapp is making recurring revenue from their advertisers everytime someone accesses their icon from your installation multiple times? Again, correct me if I am wrong.

I have not used icon ads extensively, so just looking at the performance from those that have. I agree on the suckyness of airbull and spamdroid…

And thanks for the feedback, maybe more devs can use startapp (which has not fixed their automatic mailing system since last year…)


Very nice, let me know if you get paid by them. If you do get paid quickly I will be trying them out for sure.

hi bill,
as i mentioned earlier, there are pros and cons in this system. but their method is different and that’s the thing.
im getting 3000-4000 total downloads per day for those 2 apps. i dont think there is a way to calculate the performance of the icon ads because im getting paid for the installs, not for the clicks. so there is no way to calculate CPM.

like you said leadbolt is a recurring revenue source and StartApp isn’t. but there are lots of people who delete the icon even without clicking it(including me). even if someone clicked the icon they must have to click an ad to earn some revenue. so i think this is a con of startapp. like you said they will earn money at every time when some one click but do we really have to care?

im also using leadbolt for both of these apps. i have put notification and banner ads for both apps and generating around $50-60 per day with leadbolt. and $30 from startapp.