For weeks, I´m trying to use the StartAPP. I have Splash, Banners, Interstial and Slide, but the ECPM is 0.

I have one app with 40k impressions and other with 2k impressions and both of them the ECPM is 0.

The support didnt fix this, I dont know why.

A lot of guys here in forum post about StartApp, and good ECPM for splash etc, but I really cant understand this 0 ECPM.

Please ARIEL help-me or I will give up.

Your major traffic is from what geo?

Hi Felipe,

Sorry for this issue, and please be sure that we are looking for the reason why this is happening.

There’s obviously something off here, as at this rate of impressions, there must be some revenue.

I know our tech team are looking into this, and will keep you updated on the findings (last request from them was the new app apk).

Hope we’ll resolve this soon,