Stages of application promotion

Mobile marketing includes several stages::cool:
• Stage1. Optimizing the application. It is important to choose the right icon, make screenshots, compose a description and select keywords.
• Stage 2. Setting up analytics. Connecting the necessary analytics codes, setting goals, connecting advertising offices, creating audiences for remarketing.
• Stage 3. Work with journalists, PR. The more major media will write about your application, the more downloads you will receive in the first days of its publication in the store.
• Stage 4. Launching advertising campaigns. In addition to the main advertising channels, remarketing is launched. The user sees ads directly on their phone - on search pages, sites, social networks, in other applications. In addition, advertising is shown to “warm” potential customers who are somehow interested in your application.
• Stage 5. Incent Traаfic. Due to this your app will be more visible in app stores so that the audiences would like to install your app among the other millions of apps. If you have enough budget, you can buy app keyword install from a reliable app store optimization company(KEENMOBI) to boost your app ranking.
• Stage 6. Analysis of the results. After conducting test advertising campaigns, then adjust bids, targeting, advertising messages, etc.
How it Works:wink:
Users are increasingly looking for information, choose products and make purchases through mobile devices. Traffic from mobile devices opens another channel for making a profit for business. In Internet marketing, a separate area of “mobile” advertising - campaigns, “sharpened” for mobile devices, promotion of mobile applications.
Mobile devices have become a very important channel of communication with the target audience. Having your mobile is a strong competitive advantage for business.:cool:
Mobile applications, like websites, need advertising. The “natural” way is almost impossible to achieve the required number of installations of your application and its active users. At least at the initial stage.:slight_smile: