Stacking ad networks?

Hi guys, I’d like to get some advice on using multiple ad networks in the same app(s); the idea is not to use them all at the same time (at least not for same ad type), but to be able to alternately turn an ad network on or off and see which performs better, without having to upload a new apk to each market and then forcing users to download the updated version.

for now I’m using Airpush as my main choice, but considering adding Senddroid/Leadbolt as a fallback option when I deactivate airpush from the admin for each app separately.
Also looking to include startapp or another icon/exit/search provider…

So lets say in case of html5 apps (I pack them in eclipse, usually have a main activity which then triggers the webview activity), or with simple native apps, is there a common method I should already know about (something fool-proof that stacks SDKs properly) or is it completely on case by case basis?

Any experience with different networks SDKs clashing, crashing apps when combined, EULA popup problems we should be aware of?

I know that leadbolt notification and icon ads work with startapp exit ads. I have a couple that i tried it with. Hope that helps

it does help :slight_smile: I was hoping of using airpush/senddroid for notifications and something else for icons/search, but don’t want to make users jump through a bunch of agreement hoops on initial app run.

The sdks may not clash/crash but you need to establish some communication to one of your server each time an ad is to be requested…In this server or where-ever , you must specify which network should be used…So when you have to switch, all you need to do is change the value in the server…Isn’t that what you are talking about…or am I wrong?
Great Idea !
So what are you going to use as a server…do you already have server space…

I do have a server and initially I did consider working out a way to trigger the ad-network switch externally on my own (that way all app markets are covered in a single click too), but - since I’m not a real programmer :), this is a topic too advanced for me (too many factors to consider, what to do when they’re offline or use data-blocker apps, should apps run in background and check from time to time what sdk to set as active, what to do in case of server downtime)… imho, good concept but also a serious project for a company and not a single guy to figure out (lets say “we stack your SDKs without bugs, give you control over them, but skim 5% of your ad space” business model).

to get back on topic, my question in this case was aimed at manual per-app override from ad-networks’ control panel (ie when I want to switch from airpush to senddroid, I deactivate all ads for an app from airpush admin, and then activate the same app in senddroid admin), and things to consider except adding their lines of code to app manifest & on app exit launch this code etc. Probably daydreaming but if there is a way to merge all ad-networks EULA popups into a single startup activity on first launch, list their texts one after another in a scrollable window, and a bottom-fixed OK/agree button below (which then agrees to ALL ad networks) we’d make our lives a lot easier :slight_smile:

to partially reply to my own question, might help someone :slight_smile:
(regarding grouping more EULAs into one)