Speedy App rank - your feedback

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

Do you know SpeedyAppRank.com - App Marketing and App Ranking

I was contacted by them, but I don’t know anything about them.

Have you ever tried?

My advice is to steer clear from fake downloads/ratings. Google is much better at detecting stuff like that these days and you can get banned for it.
Stick to legitimate means of marketing if you want to keep on Google’s good side.

I agree with you. Google can tell the website is legitimate or not. SpeedyAppRank looking legitimate as I have not found any scam about it.

Maybe it’s legitimate but I don’t know how they obtain users. I want to reach more users but I don’t know if it’s the right way.

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Its strange that some marketing services are able to add ratings to apps without any increase in downloads. If I do it manually, I can’t rate a game unless i haven’t downloaded it once.

You can rate it without download.First click on download and then cancel the download the at once.Then you will be will be able to rate the app.

Thanks for the trick.