Spaces : Brings a clean, private and icon-free look to your homescreen.

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Description : SPPACES brings a clean, private and icon-free look to your homescreen.
By placing the app links in the wallpaper itself, we have eliminated all the clutter and overcrowded look that the app icons can bring to your homescreen(s).

SPPACES is a fully interactive tool to customize your wallpaper. Select any object on the wallpaper and link it to one of your apps. From that moment, tapping on the object will launch that app. You can always change these connections as much as you like.

SPPACES Is That Powerful!

Whether you are a student, nurse, banker or fireman, you can make the objects represent whatever you want them to.
This is one of the coolest ways to interact with an important part of your life! All while adding privacy and security too.

SPPACES also gives you:-

  1. Less crowded look to your homescreen.

  2. Better control of app launching behavior since it
    requires a double tap to launch an app. This way,
    you will have fewer accidentally launched apps.
    Goodbye butt-dialing!!

  3. Greater privacy and security because it is not
    immediately obvious what apps and links are on
    your device.
    Because you are free to hide or remove app icons
    from your homescreen, only you will truly know
    the objects stand for.
    Imagine having a link to anything you want right on
    your homescreen! What would you like to have?
    You are only a few clicks away!

  4. A clean, fresh, modern look and feel to your device.
    This is the cutting edge of mobile interactive
    design. You get to experience your device in a
    Whole new way that will set you apart.
    Become the trendsetter you know you are!

SPPACES will forever change the way you interact with and use your device.

great efforts

nice i like it