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Hey guys,

Some of you guys know me…I am working in a reskin project from 20 days and I want to promote it…I need your suggestions guys…help me promote my game …is paid installs work ? paid review’s work ?..presently I am thinking of Google’s app promotion for my game…

Paid reviews don’t work anymore. Paid installs do work but if you don’t have a big budget then it won’t help you much.

I have a big budget bro… Is it gonna work

Would you mind to tell me what is your budget? And which country you want to target and when you plan to launch it?

I am thinking of 7000$ bro and I want to release the game in end of November …I am targeting Brazil…

@mmmkkksss @ramzixp @DroidGenie these guys can help me I think as they are in long in this business for a long time…I forgot to mention @toxic he’s a long time player

Lol…no offence but you have a “big budget” and your asking questions from people who’ve barely made $100 a day from apps? I’ve followed you a bit and you seem to know what you’re doing…why are you on a forum asking for advice then most of the people on this forum need advice themselfs?

Why don’t you try uploading it to more then just google play, Also you don’t need anywhere near $7,000 in marketing to get an app a lot of users if you do things correctly. If you’re spending $7,000 and not getting anywhere then the app is a failure.

im sure some of you know but does produce some good installs, i get several thousand a week and i never promote…just uploaded/forgot, you want to focus on non north american countries but fail to realize google play is blocked in like half of Asia and i bet most people in brazil don’t even use google play they use aptoide or something.

Yeah…I agree with you but in my initial days I got motivated from these guys so asked them…Its not about I am in right way now but I settled in here because of their success…I never forget how they helped me indirectly achieved my goal…

Hey hows it going, I think $7k is plenty just for Brasil. Have you looked into Facebook installs? you will need their SDK in your game.

I never tried Facebook installs but I am using FAN in my apps…I will check into Facebook installs now…This is what I wanted from guys like you…

I was able to get about $0.06 per install using FB ads in Brasil, on both, iOS and Android. but that was November LAST year. I don’t think it changed much :wink:

I will upload my game to more store’s but in Android Google play is the successful …So I am trying most of my traffic from them…:slight_smile:

stick with what you know :slight_smile:

FB ads is the cheapest way to promote your app right now, look into “lookalike audiences”, there are a lot of write ups and blog posts for mobile app installs specifically out there.

Not sure I never buy advertising. Right now Im scraping 3rd party app markets for $75-100 a day. Google is slow for me now despite taking like 7 ASO classes and courses. I also have a new job now doing roadside assistance so I don’t have as much time as I used to now for making apps.