Sorry, no data for this metric - Alpha testing on Google Play Developer Console

Hey Guys

I uploaded my app to the Play Store for Alpha testing (i.e., it’s uploaded in the Alpha Testing section). I created a Google Group and invited my testers (only small group of 4), they’ve successfully downloaded the app and are currently testing it.

However, when I log into the Google Play Developer Console and look at the Statistics section, all I see is:

Sorry, no data for this metric.

This is for any statistic.

I realise it can take little while, but does anyone know for how long exactly? I know there are 3 installs at least. It’s been over 24 hours (probably closer to 36 now).

Also, do these statistics work with Alpha and Beta apps?

Thanks for any info / advise anyone could give - thanks!

I think they might only work for actual released apps, but in any case it usually takes 24-36 hours for data to show up for a given date in my experience.

Thanks A1ka1inE

This might be a silly question, but do I need to integrate the Google Analytics SDK into my project to be able to view installs etc… I just saw this on the developer console and I’ve not done it yet…


Hello Zippy. The exact same thoughts went through my mind when I first opened the developer console.
You don’t need Google Analytics to view the normal statistics (like downloads), but it can give some extra insights. You can use it to log levels played for example - which will help you see where players are struggling.

Also, it took about 48 hours for my downloads to show after my game was published and it is still a day behind.

Hope this answers some of your questions.

Thanks SocioSoft

Yeah, they just showed up on my Developer Console - thanks for the info re the Google Analytics SDK, I’m definitely gonna look into this!

Cheers :smiley: