Somebody knows this network : Darriens - D'mobile ?


I’ve received an email from this company.
They are telling me they are specialized in LATAM market and that is what I’m looking for.
But are they reliable ? They are pretty new, I don’t know if it is a good idea to switch to this network.

Is there other good networks for LATAM ? I’ve try some, but no one give me goof results.

Thanks !

That’s cool, there really aren’t a lot of companies devoted to LATAM, but the potential for advertisers is HUGE.

I never heard of them, but pretty much be careful with any new ad network.

So I’m trying it. So far it is really bad…

Excuse my ignorance, but what is LATAM?

Latin America i think :slight_smile:

Yes Latin America :slight_smile:

I didn’t hear anything about ‘Darriens - D’mobile’ but I got an email from another LATAM network asking me to sell my apps inventory directly to them… the company name is ‘Digital Blend’. Anyone worked with them?

Hi Everybody,

Just to make you feel more confident about D´Mobile, i work there, i have been doing it for over a 1 year and a half, we do exist, we have been in the network business for almost 4 years and although we are new in the mobile market, we have strong partnerships and we are focused in the LATAM area.

If you need to monetize your apps, just contact us through our website at D’mobile or contact me directly at [email protected]

Be careful with
They are glad to promise You a lot of things , but as it turned out , in practice, they use mostly a bot generated traffic, mix it with organic trafficc 50/50 and sell it like a premium traffic.
Guys prefer to come up with excuses and invented a reasons, but the question about of even a partial refund will be ignored.
They will try to breed You for spending of $ 100 - $ 200 and more per day for one to two weeks on the pretext of collecting statistics for optimizing campaign. But you will not see the results , just count the number of clicks generated by bots.
We got 4500 clicks result in 4 days and did not get a single conversion . Loss was $ 400 . However, they claim that they provide a quality traffic.
We have launched the same campaign with another ad networks and it bring us at least 20-30% of the profits .

Hi everybody,

Me again, thanks for sharing your comments with us Holms, as far as i see you are a little bit confused on who we are, Darriens Network is not the same as D´Mobile, we are separate LOB.
I can perfectly understand where you are coming from and i can see that you are frustrated and willing to share your experience to avoid undesirable situations for other developers, but turns out that the user that initiated the thread was asking for D´Mobile, not Darriens and we wouldn´t like people to think that we are not comiting to our word, we have been in the business for over a year now and i can assure you that we have never set false expectations.

If you wish to talk about mobile business, im here, and willing to take the discussion further.

Best regards,

For information, I’ve generated more than 4000$ since september with Darriens and they have not paid me since. I think it will be the same situation than mobclix…

MaltaCPM is an ad network and its work in all our the world. We are searching a partner like Darriens for grooming our business worldwide. I can’t have any kind of experience of work with Darriens. But i have some information from so many reliable sources about this company. They tell us that this is a very good company. We are hoping that Darriens give us a chance for working together.

Best Regards,
MaltaCPM Ad Network
Skype: Malta.CPM
EMail: [email protected]