Some urgent info. needed.

I am about to create my first android developer’s account.Since I cannot do it by myself (I don’t have a credit card) my aunt is going to help me with it by registering it for me with her card.The thing is I do not know what informations I need to provide her with to complete the registration process.Since I cannot see beyond the payment screen,it would be kind of you if anyone just tells me what fields she needs to fill up after the payment screen, so I can give her the info.

i created recently for my first android app publishing.

Your aunt should know the

  • card number
  • Name on card
  • cvv number
  • card expiry

once google authenticated. account is created. nothing much is required. you will get order id mailed in your gmail id.
thats it. hope it helps

actually I was asking what of my personal informations she needs to know,things like my address,phone no etc to fill up the registration form.

not much really, address and phone no can be anything either yours or hers. Just make sure you setup the bank account correctly if you want to be paid by google.