Some things I need to know


Since a few days I have an app published in the google play store. Ofcourse it only has a few downloads.
But I didn’t use any ASO or didn’t translate it in a lot of languages, so I didn’t expect mush either.

What I would like to know is, if it’s better to work for 10 days on 2 apps or for 10 days on one app. (Quality or Quantity).
Also in how many languages should my app be translated (and should I use google translate for it, or really pay some service to do it for me).

Thanks in advance.

Have you only published in Google Play store? I got more downloads from Opera Mobile Store!

I considered stores like the one from opera and amazon, but it’s harder to find Ad platforms that provide for these stores.

Is it really worth it?

Quality always win but if you don’t know how to market your app then it doesn’t matter you spend 1 day or 1 year don’t use Google translate if you have some money pay for the translation

Ok thanks

I will consider it

Quality > quantity. Quantitiy works in the past but not now.