Some questions about mobilecore ?

Hey guys, i’m thinking of trying mobilecore in one of my apps, but i have a few questions so please if anyone tryd them give us a feed back,

  1. what is there ecpm in the middle east region mainly
    2)if i integrated there sdk will it apper as a virus ? ( i want to use only in-app ads and slider, not icon ads)
  2. what is there fill rate ?
    4)is it posiable to make the in-ad appear after a certain time ? if so then how ? i could find anything in the document to explain it, or i didn’t understand it :slight_smile:
    5)what country do they send the payment from ? USA ?

and lastly, which is better admob Interstitial or mobilecore Interstitial ? i thought of mobilecore because i like the idea of weekly payments

i talked to you before, im from the middle east, from all networks i tried, mobilecore ecpm in middle east is more than double for other network ( i will attach image for my ecpm)
no virus detection and they said they will update the sdk soon and remove icon ads
i dont know about fill rates
i think you can do something in the code to make the ad appear after a certain time

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I wouldn’t go with admob, ecpm will not be much better and their payment terms sucks.

Thanks for ur help eyad, im going to try them, yes please post you ecpm :slight_smile:

my ecpm

Yeah i read that, but right now they are only offering sdk 0.8, which does contain icon ads, in woundring if icon ads is in a sdk different from the inapp ads, or does the sdk contain all the types ?

eyad please what country to they send the payment from ?

i think its israel (but not sure)

Nice eCPM man. I am going to be trying them soon. Most of users are from latin america, europe and asia. Thanks for the stats, that gave me a good idea. 4 pics game is downloaded mostly in asian region? Just trying to understand if that eCPM is from US or asia or europe?

mostly east asia and UK
they have the highest bids in these regions

Nice. How come you get so high CTR? Can’t get past 2-3% with them but with revmob I can get 17% easily…

because with revmob the ad cover the whole screen
ctr is high because my app is a game and i dont show the offerwall always (impressions equals 2/3 of total users)

With RevMob the CTR is high because the “x” is so hard to click it’s a joke. I’ve had countless user complains because of that.

I heard revmob is the worst of the network for android. They are only good for iOS