Some of eskiMob first clients already earn 500-1000 USD daily... won't you join?


eskiMob serves as one-stop-shop for Android developers, delivering unique monetization solution, analytics and desicion making tools. eskiMob owned by Crossrider Advanced Technologies which is trusted by over 600,000,000 users

We also do great in-app ads but we’re not trying to compete this saturated market, thus we’ve developed the first out-of-app monetization platform since Google had changed it policy in last August and present almost alone at this playground.

Our vision is to create a win-win platform that enables mobile developers to increase profits, retention and optimization whilst their users gain a more productive, customized and intuitive experience from the parent app and general device usage.

You can make a lot of money by a few mins integration of our SDK to your app, without harm UE at all - your users will get a productive top-layer widget (all compliant by Google policy of course) and you’ll get a joining bonus, unbeatable revenues of PPD and Rev-Share!

more details and demo app at:

Please feel free to PM or drop a mail to [email protected]


What are your rates for PPD for US and ROW ?

Hey Pharaoh,

50$/1000 downloads of your app integrated with our SDK for ALL COUNTRIES

Sounds good
So where are you based on ?
And Do you require to show EULA ? , any other condition to count the install ,
Do you have other ad formats or it is only the widget ?

Thanks for your interest, hope others will be exposed to it as well.

If you meant where we’re located, it’s the same country where a lot other mobile/online monetization companies coming from, including the one you’re referring to… Israel.

We do require to accept EULA and install counts for each acceptation that hadn’t uninstalled in the first one hour.

As written, we have also in-app ads (you have the possibility to divide our services as you wish) and our widget monetization coming from some revenue sources, some of them are still being develop but basically its based on content consuming and smart app offering, all backed by re/targeting data due to the user’s PC and/or device usage tendencies. We have some other cutting-edge revenue sources on develop but obviously I won’t expose it all here…

Don’t forget our decision-making tools that increasing user retention, app ranking and visibillity, and more… it’s all bring our clients many indirect revenues that we’re still working on estimate.

Will be happy to share some more details privately.


What is your payment schedule?

Out of app ads are not compliant by Google if i am correct.

why you are better than appoptim and apps won’t be banned?


Net+15 for a min payment of 100$. Yet, its flexible and satisfies each customer’s desires.

You’re Correct. Happily we don’t do that, please read more details in previous thread (Comment #5): Who wants to reward CASH by joining our beta, in just a few mins? - Advertising Networks - Making Money with Android

I read the post but I can’t understand how this would be google compliant just cause you’re using a service. How is this different from any push ads ?

Now I see, I first misunderstood the demo app.

I’m sorry for not being aware deeply to Appoptim and their services, yet they look like a young and unripe company that might make mistakes like every one or (hopefully not) just being a fraud.

eskiMob is a new solution but we are a brand owned by known honnest and experienced Crossrider company, each step made hand to hand with our most high quality Legal Department.

We don’t do push ads. Download the demo app and try it yourself.

Yes I edited my post. This solution does however seem very annoying for the user, but I wish you good luck.

Thanks, I agree it’s yet not the best process ever but don’t forget it’s only beta, we’re getting better everyday and in a few weeks we’ll have a product that me and you would love to download independently. 60 top-level developers are on it!

Thanks for your reply ,
SO do you have any sign up bonus ? how can I reach you ?

We do, it’s quantity depends on your traffic.
Please mail/Hangout to [email protected] or Skype:omri.eskimob

Isnt the top-layer widget out of app??

I´d be greatful if you beta testers shared your experience. How much do you earn with the top layer? Any warnings, bans from GP?

Hey Armando,

Sure it’s out of app, but not something noncompliant.
Will ask them to comment here as well.