Some experience: Fyber vs. Appodeal vs. Appmediation

Recently I was testing this three mediation platforms to my app. It’s a medium-sized game with traffic all around the world, mainly in the USA, UK, CA but also meaningful LATAM and Asia traffic.

I started to use Fyber and i was getting about 2-3 USD ecpm for interstitial and around 4 for rewarded video. Almost as same as appodeal as the numbers show below. The best result is this completely unknown – I made about 25k with them and they also gave me a 15% onboarding bonus + fixed 5% revenue comission, while we don’t even see it in other mediations. They paid all fine from a EU bank.

If you guys have doubts let me know and I can post more infos. I am new to this forum but I read it a lot in the last years and now I hope I can help a bit since I manage monetization for several medium independent apps.

Captura de Tela 2018-04-20 as 15.51.34.jpg

I would like to know more details about your testing.
Was it A/B on all three at the same time or did you try any other method?
How long have you been with

Thanks for sharing the usefull info.
Though attached pic is not clear after zoom, so need quick info like

  1. Average CTR
  2. eCPM of native ads

I don’t think they work with native ads yet. CTR in my app is about 4%, but its because of its design.

All three on different times on the same app.

Again: You are a company employer, gimme some promotion or ask them to stop to screw smaller devs.

How can you be sure that during the time you were using any of those three platforms there wasn’t a peak earning date?

Everybody wants higher eCPMs, but consistent Fillrate and good support during situations like GDPR compliance is what will keep your business going steady, no matter your size.