Some concerns about licensing.

Hey guys,
Was wondering if I could use images in my app from “Google Images”.
Also, regarding font, do i have to buy the font license to be able to use it in my app? Because I hired some freelancers to make some logos for me, so basically I myself do not have the license of the stuff they make.

I bought some music from websites like “melody loops” etc. Do i have to mention that license in my app? How can I make sure Google knows I have license for everything I use in my app (excluding font)?

What percentage of apps being made are suspended by Google, I’m thinking of investing around $10k USD on developing an app and I do not want to wake up one morning to find that expensive app banned from Google play store.

imagine you have created a picture of a font by yourself from scratch.
imagine the next day, you see some random app or website using it without asking you for it or buying anything.
how would you feel?
you have your answer

I have no issues with buying the the font, but the point is how can Google know If I have the licensing for that font?

For logos use fonts that are public domain or CC0 - there are many such fonts and some font sites state if the font allows commercial use or not.

Google might not know but if your game gets popular the author of the font might notice and sue or report you (it’s not that unusual - I had such trouble because I used a GPL3 images by mistake thinking they are public domain and it cost me a lot when the author requested licence fees, fontunately I was able to settle with him, he was a reasonable guy).

For font you can use Google font, they allow to use in commercial. For sound and music i use CC license from many site like
If you hired someone work for you, you own that work. But you don’t know if he violated someone license.