Some Chinese Company Cheating with our Unity game.

Hi Guys ,

Here is the story and how we guys f****d up with one of Chinese app promoting company.

This is how it happened we got a mail saying your game is good we want to promote your app with some conditions, we have promoted some of the apps and their links .

Conditions :

  1. Either 60/40 Revenue share or one of their ad and one of our ad.
  2. We need to integrate and send an un-signed APK to them they will sign the apk.
  3. We have to publish in new Google play account , If you are not happy with their promotions you have all rights to un-publish.
  4. After one year they will share the password of the key store.

We taught our game has a potential and we are lacking in app promotion we agreed all the terms and conditions and integrated our full screen ad(ChartBoost) and their banner ad(admob) in to our game and sent an un-signed APK it is a Unity game.

They signed with some splash screen and some notification wrapper to that app and sent an signed APK.

We have created a new Google play account and published it.

After it became live they said they will promote in their other apps , they did not do it initially after a long follow-up after two weeks they started promoting our app we have some channels we also started promoting the app. They did for three days and stopped promoting app.

After a few days what we have noticed is there is one more game got live in google play (It is not a clone it is the same code) , with all our ad ids modified to their ad ids and in just 10 days it crossed 1lacks Downloads in google play and it is in trending in games as well.

We know this is done by that chinese agency only . How do we prove that it has been done by them.

we don’t have that marketing potential to reach 1lack downloads just in 10days .We went back to the agency and asked they said we did not do it check with your team.

I need your people inputs how do I go with this problem.

I can’t go to google report because there are three apps live in google play with the same code base , if they remove this app they will remove our original app as well.

Is it that easy to modify add some other ad network to the unsigend APK(Unity code) by decompiling it ??,ssl&ei=H9jHVIfsHMG8ygP89YHACg#q=money+making+forum

But if you will report app as stolen to Google Play? From definition stolen apps have the same code as original. Your app was on Google Play before chinese app and this is proof that you are Publisher.
How they know about your app? They found game on Google Play and write to you or they didn’t see game before and you received email “Hi, we can promote your app, if you have any unpublished”?

can you share links of both apps?

Seems a serious problem. Which Chinese company are you referring to?

Any ideas to track and sue this people ??

Scam I had same thing happen to me in 2013 they hijacked one of my top live wallpapers.

How do they do it ?? will that work ?? decompiling and repacking again ??

will u be able to share the link of both apps?

heh I got a hijacked app on the official lenovo app store a few months ago. the guys took the apk, added some new ads sdk to it and that was it (kept existing ads sdks though). lenovo asked me to send them copyright documents to delete it. of course i had none. after a while it vanished.

I’m sad to hear you got scammed, but you should be careful when dealing with new people, especially when they require unbranded version of the game.

Can you share the game links? I’d like to see that potential of yours, you have :slight_smile:

It Crossed 5lak downloads… already …

Please find the details :

Original game :

Chinese Cloned one :

What you must do now is report that game, those chinese try to make it as if the stealer from vietnam, but the description prove they are not, that’s just google translate, have no meaning at all. Take a screenshot of the description and report to google play now. There are a lot of vietnam devs here, so they can prove that this person don’t know vietnamese at all

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Sue them, to make googplay account, you need a real bank account so you can track the owner, the problem is, they might pay somebody in vietnam to create that account, but you can ask the ads company to find them instead.