solution for google play suspend

hallo everyone,

google play always close accounts ,

i belive that i have fine way to let the account work after his suspend :smiley:

i could help you to get your account back (even old accounts)=

Why don’t you just give us your method? Seems a bit sketchy to me

OK , I am interested ???

it’s not 100% woking but it have work with two of my account :smiley:

Why dont u tell us?

Sent private message

i’d be interested to get info about this method please

please tel me how to do that …

I’m really interested in it .Could you tell us in details. By the way, excuse my bother, I am looking for Android developers to add our sdk which produced by our nimble and dynamic team will offering maximum revenue.I’ll not hesitate to do what it takes to earn your business.

can you share your experience to us .Thanks !

eomobi stop spamming us please

dnhieu89 it’s not easy but it worked with me

i have two bloked accounts but i have open them again

So what’s the point of this thread?

to help you i can’t tell anyone with it but i could try to open it for you
you could get your account back

Well then help someone who is an old and respected user from this forum. I’m sure there will be at least one person interested in trying your “secret” , after that they will be able to confirm/deny your words.

So far just 2 pages of empty useless words…

he wanted my account password, so I said I cant give it, he never replied

When I asked for his method he said he could help me, but he also said that he had Google play accounts for sale, so I immediately thought it was fishy

alexleb scam !
He write about he from Australia, but his paypal Unverified and language french.
Yesterday i pay to him for accounts ( before he demonsrate 2 fresh accounts in skype desktop video ). After receiving money he go offline. After 5 minuts i try to open paypal dispute, but not possible made dispute if you send money to person. After 30 minutes he return online.
And write about he has problem with internet and his paypal blocked because i sent dispute and will not give accounts until it unblock.
his skype live:alexlebhim
his paypal mawjoudd @

Scammer. :smiley:

his paypal name is what?