So Many Opportunities in MOBILE MARKETING

Hello Everyone
In this modern world, there are so many opportunities to earn via internet. marketing is now the fastest growing field in which you can earn money. Any plans for this? NO … do not worry, you can start from today, but one thing i can assure you the future of marketing is now associate with MOBILE MARKETING. You should focus on what Facebook is doing because your marketing now in 2015 and beyond will based on it!!!

Facebook is investing in mobile including Facebook lightweight, Facebook Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp. As a result, Facebook will force you to ante up to market across their platforms. It’s what Facebook told their investors.

Before i dive into how you should change your marketing, let’s examine the 2015 mobile data to understand the landscape and context.

178 million people in the US owned smartphones, 73.6% mobile market penetration according to comScore based on November 2014 data. Smartphones are a mature market in the US. (Need more mobile data? Here are 55 mobile facts for 2015.)

These are some statistics for you. i have this idea for you all, so don’t waste you time and do something TODAY for TOMORROW. Good Luck.