So... about Pixel

Since NOBODY on here is talking a bout Google’s little announcement today, perhaps I should start the party. :stuck_out_tongue:

So… Pixel. It’s here!

7 hour charge in 15 minutes? Amazing. Apple just keeps falling behind. Some of the tech sites are reporting that iPhone 7’s battery is STILL trash.

They are clearly not trying to take over the Android market with a $650 price point… but I think they might be trying to take over the high end of the market.

Nexus (or Pixel) will never compete with the big Android phone makers, it’s not in Googles interest for that to happen. It will always be for a few geeks and those who think stock Android is best though it’s consistently playing catch up with OEM capabilities like multi-window, VR support, Vulkan game support etc. They’re dropping the ball in a big way, the last Google I/O was a huge yawn fest except for the miniscule numbers of stock fans who are seeing these features for the first time. In future some big smartphone firms like Samsung with more than 25% of the phone market and even more of the Android market will go its own way as soon as they have a big app store possibly on Tizen. Google needs to start innovating as it is turning into Apple. Samsung could, once ready, introduce a new OS to 30% of the global market and it will prove that Google is not in a strong position.

I HATE the name.

Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL are great smartphones - there’s no doubt. Here are six things that makes them so great

  • Greatest Camera Ever
  • Android and updates by Google
  • Solid battery life
  • A phone that works basically everywhere
  • Speed - consistently
  • Allows Google Assistant

I need to see this speed and battery life for myself to believe it but I’m sold on the rest.

Google Assistant having Pixel is a great featured phone… But it would be tough for google to complete with other phones…

Google Assistant is definitely the best pick.

Thanks for sharing…