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SmoothReviews is a service that allows any app developer to get unlimited, free, honest app reviews on the App Store or Google Play. Here’s how it works:

• You give a review, you get a review. For each review you give, you earn a point on your SmoothReviews account. Your app will then appear for another developer to review, and you’ll lose the point.

• We support free or paid, Android or iOS, Tablet or phone apps. Any app can receive reviews.

• New users will be given 2 app slots and charged $3.99 for additional apps.

Check it out to get unlimited app reviews and start moving up the app rankings!

Hi! Your service likes what I thought about.
But you need many users to make the service is useful, how many users are in system now?

And I can not add app
error “App not found. Make sure format is<app-name>/id<app-id>?ls=1&mt=8 or<app-package>

We are aware there was an issue last night with adding apps and it has been resolved.

Thanks for checking out the service! We currently have 260 active users and in two weeks we’ve had 750 reviews. We’re growing quickly and have had great feedback from our users.

Great idea. I hope google won’t be angry about it. Anyone tested the website already?

I can see 3 disadvantages:
First - i can’t use it on PC, only on mobile phone which is uncomfortable
Second - Some apps are not available in my country or with my app version. It would be nice if you make some fields to fill by user adding his own app to the system.
Third - Uploading screenshots. This is the worst. It would be nice if system redirects the review somehow. I don’t know if it’s achievable.

In conslusion, posting screenshots from phone is bad and I don’t know if only my can’t use PC for that.

good idea but I agree with Mateusz in all those points, creating an Android app should help

anyone using this service? i have not been able to register at their site…

Wow man just brilliant :smiley: you have made this such a great idea so beneficial for devs like us ! i really appreciate it man , Thank you so much :slight_smile: i just registered on it !


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I didn’t try the service yet, but using it only on mobile may be harder for Google to detect the reviews - I guess it looks more natural.

hello, guys!

I have not try this service, but I recommend you to try Reviewapp4u to get app reviews. There are some reasons that why you should choose it:

  1. the reviews are all from real users
  2. they support any countries you want to target
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Good luck!

i am facig problem while adding app in smoothreview.
message display that:
We were unable to get your apps information. Please check your URL and contact support if you are sure it is correct, thanks. If your app was released in the last few hours, try again in a little bit, as it may take some time to propogate through to our system.

while i have pasted the correct url…
Anyone who can help me.

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