Smile [FREE]Cash Robot - highest paying app- Help me to become better

I’m Moalhawari android developer and recently I updated my android app is Cash Robot - Cash Rewards App .

Please take a look and tell me your opinion.
I really need your suggestions and your honest reviews,because I want to be better at making highest paying app.
My goal is to make app worthy of gain experience so I can make better app later.

Thank you very much for your time!
If you want,post links of your apps and I will test and review them.

Hello, guys!
Admittedly, the method of review exchange is useful to get some reviews and high stars, but the number is limited. If you want to get more app reviews and 5 stars, you can collaborate with a paid-review company to help you. Besides, there are some other methods to guide users to leave their feedback:

Create a user community
You can create a user community to motivate them to leave their feedback, because they can find more partner of using your app in this platform and have more impetus to leave their reviews.

Incentivize users to leave feedback
Now, most people not prefer to leave their response for the reason they think it is not necessary to do. Therefore, you can incentivize users to leave their feedback. For example, you can make use of the integration method to motivate them to leave their review.

Cater to the interests of users
If you let your users leave their feedback directly, they would feel impatient and have conflict psychology. So you can guide users to leave their review when they feel happy. For instance, if you are an app developer of game, you could make users to leave their feedback when they have won a game.

Wish these methods can help you! If you have any problem about app store optimization, welcome to contact me!