Small Business revenue analysis

I own a small business. I have employees. Pay all the necessary insurances, fees, taxes etc. So far, we are doing ok. Still have work lined up.
Still getting calls for work. Up to date on all my bills. A bit of $ stashed for savings. Wife still working as well. So, all in, doing relatively ok.

Who else here owns a small business? What Type?
How is this affecting you?
Were you able to apply for the Payroll Protection Program?
or the EIDL loan thru the SBA?
or an economic disaster loan thru the SBA?

I have owned a small business for about five years and everything is going quite well, even despite the ongoing pandemic and the situation in the world. Analytics helps me cope with the situation, which I conduct through a special computer program. I found out about this software about two years ago on Sales Analytics Software: track your Sales Team Activities | Revenue Grid /, and now I can’t even imagine what would have happened to my business if not for this program. Most likely my business would have closed and I would have had to sell everything. However, now my bakery is in consistently good condition. I didn’t take any loans, because you can’t start a business with a loan. I have saved up all the money or borrowed from relatives.