Slogan Quiz

Just completed my newest game: Slogan Quiz!

How well do you know advertising slogans? You hear slogans all the time but how well do you know what company has what slogan?
Find out in this slogan quiz!
In this quiz you’ll be presented with different slogans from all kinds of companies, can you solve them all?

You will get a slogan and a set of letters. Using the letters you’ll then have to figure out what company that has the slogan.
You can also use different hints to get help.

Currently 100+ slogans in 4 different levels to solve. Will you know them all?

Compete with friends or with random people around the world.

Google Play link:

I’d appreciate any feedback I can get.



great idea :slight_smile:

nice idea indeed! hope there is no copyrights infringements involved

Thanks for your comments!

As for copyright infringement, according to U.S. Copyright Office - What Does Copyright Protect? (FAQ) you cannot copyright a slogan. You can however trademark it, but as I’ve understood it trademark law is mostly there so the product/company is not likely to be confused with another product/company. (The standard is “likelihood of confusion.” To be more specific, the use of a trademark in connection with the sale of a good constitutes infringement if it is likely to cause consumer confusion as to the source of those goods or as to the sponsorship or approval of such goods; Overview of Trademark Law ). So I don’t really think there should be a problem since I also can’t see why this app would be a bad thing for the companies, the worst thing that can happen is that more people associate the slogan with their company and that doesn’t really sound like a problem to me. Thanks for your concern though :slight_smile:

I think Slogan Quiz is mentioned in this Google I/O 2013 video after the 30 minute mark where it mentions apps recommended by friends:
Google I/O 2013 - Getting Discovered on Google Play

He says his friend recommends the app to him.

Edit: sorry - that was Logo Quiz.

How difficult was the server side ?