SlideMe rejection- AGGRESSIVE ADVERTISING MISBEHAVIOR: Display delay for interstitial


I’ve got a rejection from SlideMe saying 'AGGRESSIVE ADVERTISING MISBEHAVIOR: Display delay for interstitial ads in
order to force users to accidentally tap on the advertisements. ’

I’m using Admob interstitial’s just using the default Admob code. Two other apps with identical code have been approved by SlideMe, and that support says they can’t help. I guess when they reviewed it the Ad took a while to arrive from Admob?

So, has anyone got any advice? Is SlideMe worth bothering with?


slideme is ****ing gay as shit and doesn’t approve anything, plus their market sucks I get 10x the downloads from getjar and Mobango.

So it’s not just me then! Thanks for the advice. I’ll give those two a go instead.

If it makes you feel any better. I cant even upload to slideme. Something about version name and my app manifest. I double checked it and it is fine.

I can confirm slideme practically doesn’t exist :stuck_out_tongue: