Slate Calendar (Beta) – Smart calendar to simplify life and improve productivity

Slate Calendar (Beta) is a ‘Smart Calendar’ and ‘Daily Assistant’ to help you keep up with both work and personal life. It provides an unified and cohesive experience combining calendar events, birthdays, weather data, sports events, and other upcoming features such as tasks and alarms. It provides an unique user experience by combining Google now card style with a fully integrated calendar.

PLAY STORE (Beta Version

FEATURES: (Beta Version -

Home Page:

  • Displays information (appointments, birthdays, weather, sports) as cards
  • Multiple boards
  • Show or hide boards in settings
  • Intelligent loading – no data, four boards don’t show up


  • Calendar accounts selection in settings
  • Next Event - quick action bar (sms, call, reply / share)
  • Upcoming events in next 7 days (maximum of 8 displayed)
  • Quick addition of event (+ sign at the top)
  • Both 12 hour and 24 hour clock support

Calendar Page:

  • Day View display of events
  • Quick addition of event (+ sign at the top)
  • Tap of event opens event in default calendar for edits
  • Quick navigation to today
  • Swipe navigation to previous / next day
  • Previous / next week navigation using arrow keys
  • Both 12 hour and 24 hour clock support
  • Custom start day of the week in settings


  • Today’s weather forecast and current conditions
  • 5-day weather forecast (including today)
  • Weather location selection


  • Phone contacts’ birthdays list for next 7 days
  • Next birthday - quick action bar (sms, call, share)


  • Sports Integration – First version
  • Displays events from


  • Daily inspiring quote from great people
  • Color customization for window/ activity and font


  • Full calendar support (Week, Month views, complete editing of events from within app)
  • Sports Events – More categories, Calendar integration
  • Alarms, Widgets & Lock screen support
  • Other languages support
  • Further Customization and many more.