Sites that pay upto 50$-$200 for guest posts, make money writing !!!!!

Sites that pay upto 50$-$200 for guest posts, make money writing!!!

  1. This is a tutorial website based on after effects, Maya, 3D max Adobe photoshop etc.
    They will pay you up to $150 per article. Since I am not the kind of guy interested in
    animation and such tutorials I never applied.
    Site link

2. Get paid up to $100 per post :-

Those know to write tutorials on Photoshop, or in case you don’t, If you could write
well written round ups or articles about photoshop, Then this offer suits for you. You
can write Tutorials. Round-ups or articles and get paid a solid $100 from them and get
maximum exposure in the design community.

Site link

3. Developer Tutorials – Get paid up to $30-$75 (Based on your Post ) :-

Those are a devoloper and can write tutorials on any topics like Java, CSS, PHP,
Programming etc you can get paid up to $100 from them. In case if you are not strong
at writing tutorials, you can also write list posts and earn up to $50 for list
posts from them.

Site link

4. Sitepoint- Post

Sitepoint is currently one of the leading websites online when it
comes to web development. Any article which describes web development,
creating a site out of scratch, designing it etc and over 1,500 words
will be paid a $100 flat rate. If your article does really well and is
able to generate up to 100,000 page views you will be paid $250 more.

Site link

5.Photoshop Tutorials- Post

This is a very popular website that talks about Photoshop, and you can
easily get paid anything from $150-$300 by contributing your valuable
tutorials. They pay via paypal

Site link


If you believe you can write articles on all things ceramics you should give a try. You will be paid $25 for any short article accepted, $350
for a 1,000 words bulletin, and up to $900 for a 5,000 words bulletin accepted.

        [Post Site link](  
	[b]  7. Social Moms  [/b]

Social Moms accepts queries on the subjects of saving money, working at home,
health and parenting. The compensation is 5,000 points per published post,
which equates to $25. You can request payout at 8,000 points via Paypal (i.e., $40)
or at 10,000 points via Amazon gift card (i.e., $50).

		[Post Site link](  
	[b]8. Pxl Eyes [/b]

Is a popular design blog that pays up to $200 for articles accepted,
and you also stand to gain a lot of exposure for your work.
Are you so adept at 3D rendition software and applications that others often
look to you for help? Pxl Eyes is requesting tutorials on all kinds of drawing
and 3D rendition programs like Photoshop, Coreldraw and AutoCAD.

	[Post Site link](  

   [b] 9. PSD Tuts+ [/b]

If you’re an expert at Photoshop, or if you have some cool tricks you think a lot
of photoshop users will love to read about, you can create a tutorial and submit
it to PSD Tuts+. For this kind of tutorial you will be paid anything from $50 to $150.

          [Post Site link]( 

  [b] 10. Web Designer [/b]

1stWebDesigner is currently one of the biggest web design blogs online. With millions
of monthly visitors, and a variety of topics to write on, 1stWebDesigner is a freelance-
writer-friendly blog. You will be paid around $50-$75 for every article you write on
Web Designer.
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