Sincestar shutdown ? No replies from representatives

So its been 3-4 weeks now that dashboard of sincestar is not at all working .They not only have major issue with ppd system but also the representatives have stop responding .I guess its dead end for them . I was willing to start business with them but the ads are not showing up after integration of there poor sdk .I am now thinking to move on with StartApp’s for a while how is it ? Any other pay per install model ad network .Other than airpush Hummermobi ?? Please share your experience

Oimobi popped up, Hummermobi clone lasted 3 weeks then gone just like sincestar, I was making 40 a day with sincestar now they update stats from 2 days previously and only doing $5 a day now with them.

I guess stay away from Hummermobi Clones. so only PPD now is bundle2 and hummermobi. Right now im transitioning back to bundle1 since im averaging 6 cents of ad revenue per AO1 Addon. so its more than Bundle2, the new 360 abstract banner video ads are very good ecpm and my smartwall ads never drop below 2.00 ecpm rates with airpush they always above 2.00 ecpm


i am Laura from SinceStar, so happy to see that you are using sincestar.

Sincestar is woring, not shot dowm. if you have any problem, you can contact me by e-mail or skype.

as you said we do not reply you, maybe we are on holiday, not working.

It is May 26th now and they even have not paid for my first payment in period 2015-04-17 ~ 2015-05-03. It just keep pending in the dashboard. I have contacted my support but he keep saying his boss is on business trip and can not sign for the money transfer ???

Did you enable all types of ads in Airpush smartwall?

They can only SPAM forum, but their support just don’t work… :wink:

You guys keep sending me payments that belong to another developer, luckily I know this developer and just send the payment to her instead of stealing it like a scammer.

do you get the payment?

if you do not get the payment, send me message at the first time by skype. thx

i will answer you at the first time by skype

SKYPE: laura.luo69

plz show me the proof, our support team work always.

i answer the each message on skype at the first working day.

you can support other ad network and tell us their advantage, but without the need to say bad words on us.

thx, my friend, you are so sweet

i received the alina message and he thanked you ,
i have told our accountant to pay more attention on the paypal address, such thing will never happen. thx again, my friend

i have checked with my colleague, the payment of 2015-05-04 to 2015-05-24 has paid by last Friday on May 29

the payment of 2015-04-17 to 2015-05-03 will be paid on this Friday, as the boss just signed the bill

sorry for the late and thx for the understanding

they don’t pay me money.
I should get $ 30+ everyday and I only get less than $1 each day.

Sincestar is shut down.Just got an mail from them…

finally laura agrees that they are shutting down . Even i received the mail .Now the search for another pay per install begins do you have any ppi network in your mind ? Please suggest me I already have used hummer and airpush any others ?

I don’t understand why these networks don’t survive.If you can’t run on long term basis why starting it and inviting all developers.It all started with Stupid Mobario .I thought when push notification ads banned on google play networks like airpush,leadbolt (may be leadbolt performs bad now.But its still running)sinks but actually they didn’t .But those network which came after that vanishes .They barely last for a year.
So kindly to all ad network out there If you really think you could last longer help developer and earn on win-win basis make a thread explain properly and invite developers.Its my humble request Don’t Start a Thread if you aren’t confident.
Ps Not referring to one network .

Another one bites the dust…

Aren’t you sick and tired with all these networks going live and shutting down? Stay away from new networks until they prove their quality long term. Protect yourself.
@sean gao - you should be ashamed of yourself, making so many false promises.

Stick to the safe networks - admob, Appnext, Startapp, Mobile core, Airpush

I told you few times earlier that they are scam, but then no one listened to me… Hope that hummermobi will survive…:wink:

Don’t go to startapp they really bad

yeah i really hope so they will .Any other ad network you using with hummer basically for ppi format ones ? not airpush b2 any others can you suggest ??