Simplify your app development


Just wanted to share my blog post with you guys.
By using the android annotations library in your app/game, you can get rid of those boilerplate statements like findViewById and setContentView.
I am sure many of the seasoned developers here would already be using it. But those who don’t use it, see my tutorial:

Android app development with annotations

Do let me know how you like it. Any new information/modification suggestions are welcomed.

P.S. Will release a video tutorial of this soon.

Great, thanks for sharing! I heard about Android annotations a while ago, but this has reminded me to look at them again :slight_smile: Definitely looks like a big time-saver. Actually makes Java feel more Python-like to me.

Even simple things, like not having to type “Button btnX = (Button)findViewById(” could save a huge amount of time!

Thanks David. Yes its just a matter of getting used to this awesome library so that it gets into our blood and we start using it by default. I see that there is no option to embed youtube videos in this forum.

Anyways, here is the video tutorial as promised in my post.

Android annotations tutorial - YouTube

The video description contains link to the project created in the tutorial.