Simple Steps to Promote Your app and Increase App Downloads

After you publish your app, you are looking forward to getting more app installs. Without the right app promotion strategies, chances are your app will flop and be forever invisible in the app stores. Luckily, we’re here to help with simple steps to [COLOR="#FF0000"]Increase App Downloads[/COLOR].

  1. App Store Optimization (ASO) is one of the most important and cost effective techniques for increasing app downloads. You should focus on app keyword research and other content strategies.
  2. Localization. Delivering content and creatives in the language of your target audience, and tweaking messages based on local behaviors and trends will prove itself as effective.
  3. Social media. You can create a community related to your app and reach out to others who have experience and knowledge in your app’s field while trying to create a viral effect.
  4. Traditional marketing strategies. Such as TV commercials, live radio broadcasts, newspapers, magazines and billboards are relevant only if your app targets a wide audience.
  5. Buy positive app ratings and reviews. These can help you improve the quality of your app, users will rely on your app via this part.

Utilizing these strategies above outline the most effective steps for attracting more users and increasing app downloads.

Sooner or later each developer come for using such method of app promotion as incent traffic. The point is that you pay for installs as they are the main resource of traffic. Those installs which are made by users for being rewarded are incentive installs as users are motivated to download your app.

It is strategically important to boost installs as the main principle of promotion in Google play is to get as many as possible downloads and then the Store algorithm will feature you to certain category and you will be visible for wider organic audience significantly.

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Yes, before download an app, many people will judge the quality of the app according to the reviews given by others. If there are many positive reviews and high ratings, 90% people will download it. But if there are too many negative reviews and low ratings, no one will download it even this is real a good app. So get more positive reviews and high ratings really can help increase app downloads. If developers want to buy app reviews, you can have a look at [b]Reviewapp4u[/b], which is a good company provide real phone users reviews with high quality. Also the price is not expensive. It is worth to buy app reviews from there.:smiley: