simple android game ideas for graduation project

hello friends,
i had posted a thread about music player as major project, but we(our group) have decided to drop it. we have finally decide to make and android game.
i want some ideas about simple games which we can develop, as we are just beginners with no experience in game development.
we have 4 month time for making our project. to start we have started learning game development through kilobolt tutorials.
so pls help…thank u…:slight_smile:

You should take Unity Game engine, there are lots of tutorials and so on.

You should take snake & ladder, Good game and It will take less time.

Multi-player tic-tac-toe.

Seriously… when everyone else has done a game… you have done a multiplayer game. You get to talk about how you had to check for network issues/etc (which is easy) and that the actual game itself is just a demonstrator of your technology.

Your prof will give you higher marks … which is all you really care about … right ?

Does anyone in the team has good graphics skill? If not go with something you can develop entirely out of code alone. Graphics design has a steep steep learning curve.

Create new version of Old Fashioned Snake! Add some unique skills or something like that!

It’s a good idea. Something re-style old thing will be successful

YEah it will be good to go for you…

As beginners use a simple idea. Simple but attractive idea.