Similar to TapJoy

Looking for similar ad networks to tapjoy, my account on tapjoy just dissapeared when asked for virtual currency, so fck tapjoy. Is any ad network with point system, offer walls?

There are 3 other networks that works the same way as TapJoy that I know of:

W3i: I don’t know much about them but they got into some news sites about mobile apps after Imangi Studios (Temple Run) made a two year partnership with them. (Link).

SponsorPay: I don’t know too much about this one either. Many sites online are using them (for example Tetris Online and Alawar). It has now also made it to mobile where they have gotten at least some pretty big games to jump on board (for example Defender

GetJar: GetJar is a fairly big app store for Android who has recently started with virtual goods/virtual currency offer walls too. The user earns points/ by downloading different applications. When they’ve earned a certain amount of GetJar cash/points they can exchange this for items in games. Users basically earn for every game they download and will earn more by downloading sponsored applications and games (at least that’s how I have understood it) which is a pretty interesting approach. I believe Hill Climb Racing is one big game that is using GetJar.

There was also a topic in the forum about this topic (Click Here) where you can probably find more useful info.
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you can try this one in my signature - the offer walls are pretty good

Hi ramzixp,

As mentioned above- Supersonic’s Offerwalls are great for monetizing your non-paying users. If you want more info feel free to message me!

You may try Supersonic, or SponserPay. All have rewarded offer walls.

Best one now: Adxmi

A great exchange of information.

great exchange of information.

just curious how much offerwall can pay like fyber?
is it higher than the ecpm of reward video?

I’ve heard good things about TrialPay, which is apparently owned by VISA, to the offers served are much more regulated.

You should checkout TheoremReach. We are solely focused on mobile market research and allow your users to complete in-app surveys in exchange for in-app content. Our average payout per completed survey is ~$2. Our SDK plays really well with offerwalls and many developers use both a Tapjoy or Fyber alongside our SDK to empower the user to choose how they want to earn content.

Yes, rewarded offer walls can be a solution for you: TrialPay, Supersonic, AdGate, Woobi, Wannads (I am member of this company)…
if you need any help to integrate, you can ask to me.