Significant drop in AdMob revenue since end of June

Hey all, I’ve been seeing a big drop in revenue since June 30th and was wondering if anyone else has had this issue. I’m talking nearly 50% drop in money as of today! Anyone else seeing a drop like this? And if so, any ideas as to what the **** is going?

Almost 40% drop in revenue, despite the fact, that impressions and number of clicks are growing. CPC is decreased significantly, and there is nothing we can do with it, unfortunately.

Me Too, 30% Drop in revenue…

I’m also seeing the same amount of impressions and clicks, the only difference is the RPM. It really blows :frowning: I wish there was some explanation as to why. It’s been 4 straight terrible days at this point, I hope it doesn’t decrease any further.

Me too, but this occurs at the end of every quarter, advertiser want to check their campaign and see the result …

This has happened to you before? I don’t ever recall seeing this significant of a drop but I hope you are right and my income recovers.

Same for me. I don’t know what’s happening because my user base is still increasing…

It’s normal for me at the moment, but I too experience 20-30% lower earnings from time to time. It can last up to a week.

same here, impression have been growing last week and rpm decreased by 40-50% nearly :frowning:

Well I’m at 6 straight days of terrible revenue so I really hope you’re right and it doesn’t last longer than a week.

kind of new to this app biz, but from my previous biz (also making money online from websites) when summer vacation started revenue always (for 7-8 years) dropped and than got back to normal 2-3 months later, like a seasonal thing… only 6 months into my app biz so can’t say that’s the same or not.

Admob revenue is never that great.

Seasonal trends always affect the advertising industry. It might not be the direct cause of what you’re seeing, but the same general trends appear each year in mobile. It largely depends on where your traffic comes from though.

I think it is normal

This is just a theory but when companies divide the year into 4 quarters and allocate a budget for each quarter, you get an increased spending in the end of each quarter, because there is money left over and they need to spend it. There is money left over because companies are always try to be safe and allocate a little bit more money than is needed. The opposite happens in the beginning of the quarter since they’re cautiously spending and don’t want to run out of money before the end of the quarter.

So if the quarters are divided into

1- January February March
2- April May June
3- July August September
4- October Nov Dec

you should get good earnings in march, June, September and December. and a drop in January, April, July and October.This correlates with my admob graphs. Please check if it does for you as well. but again correlation is not causation so its just a theory that has been floating around

I just checked my graphs and although it isn’t a perfect correlation I am seeing those ups and downs in my graphs. Before I added interstitials to my apps the revenue I was making was not that much so I didn’t really care about the slight dips in money but now that I have interstitials, perhaps those decreases are much more prominent now.

Hopefully that means revenue will start picking up as we head further into this quarter. Thanks for the insight!

30% dropped here.

I think these dropping came from “porn ads” was removed on Google’s adsense

Quote :
“that in the next few weeks it will stop accepting ads with pornographic content.” - June 6 2014

Check this out: Google to advertisers: No more porn-like ads | VentureBeat | Business | by Kia Kokalitcheva

I’m seeing a drop too.

After half a month i am still getting really low RPM, barely over 1$ with a mix of interstitial and banner ads…this is getting ridiculous now :frowning:

Ok, my daily impressions are not so many and i could never get a living out of my apps (for now at least :D), but having close to 2k impression in a day and gaining 0.65$ (yesterday) is way too low