Showing random ads from 2-3 ads network while opening app any idea?

Hi,I would like an app to show random interstitial ads from 2-3 ads network ie either closing app,opening app and navigating app.For example consider on backpress mobilecore ads loads.Returning user understands and never click on it again so in order to make user click i would like to show ads from different ad network on same on back press method.i think this could be achieved using timer.can anyone share a code for that?

Well, slow down over here mate if I am using an application that shows ads like hell then I am surely going to remove the application down and your earnings will get vanish. So, I would say think about this one again …

This can be achieved in many ways. Maybe some variables with random value, some flags or through mediation.

Do you have any code?please share

Hi,I am not trying to make it ads-alone app :slight_smile: all i need is to improve click rate for ads and show them at regular intervals.

Okay Okay ! so you are trying to improve the click rate for ads over here ! :smiley:

use mathrandom to pick random number from 1-3

if number = 1 call network ad 1
if number = 2 call network ad 2
if number = 3 call network ad 3

else call network ad 1

Well, what actually mediation have to do over here … :stuck_out_tongue: