Showing Ads When User Close the App !!

Hi Friends,

I was wondering if there are any good advertising networks that offer “Close the App” sort of advertisements.

That is: User opened the app, used it and when he/she closed the app, the advertisement comes at that time?

If anyone has worked with such advertisers or have implemented such thing programmatically, please guide.


Hi Harry,

I use AppBrain’s app wall when a user clicks the back button to quit my app.

Basically we just trap the back key press, and show the offer wall. Pretty simple implementation I am sure :slight_smile:


Hi bill1979,

How effective is that kind of of ad? Could you give us some numbers? Thanks! :slight_smile:

I blogged about them in April… you can get some stats from the comments section:

I remember reading some posts here a while ago about showing a dialog asking something like “Would you like to download more free apps?” and then the user can choose yes/no which will then open an app wall or (obviously) exit the application.
As a user I like this approach better as it gives the user an option and you’re not “forced” to view the app wall.

appbrain has that feature built-in. You’re not forced to view the wall, it prompts if you’d like to view the wall first, just as you mentioned above.

I use appbrains wall shown at closing of the app. It’s kinda random but quite good for such simple not disturbing ad.

Bill & Magnesus - Thanks a lot about explaining these finer points. It also made all of us think (atleast the one who are on this thread) that it’s a good idea to have an app wall sort of thing on the application exit.

One query - As you mentioned AppBrain has this functionality implemented by default. Does this mean there is an appwall that shows while exiting the application or we still need to tweak the app code to insert it.
I apologize about this but I’ve never used AppBrain so not sure about this.

Bill & Magnesus - Also if this is implemented in code, will it be possible for you to show few lines of that code here. Thanks a lot again guys.

Hi Harry,

I use Basic4Android for my apps development, and I am guessing you’re using eclipse. I have not done eclipse coding for it, but i have seen the codes (heck i created the wrapper library for Basic4Android in eclipse!). They are very simple.

Maybe Magnesus can share how he did it on back click in eclipse.

Good luck!

Thanks again Bill :slight_smile:
Magnesus little help here bro…!!

Here’s a code snippet from AppBrain, it’s pretty self-explanatory:

Yeah, I just use what Max posted. maybeShowInterstitial before “finish()”. You have to add AppBrain SDK, change Manifest and add AppBrain.init() in onCreate too.

Thanks Max and Magnesus for these valueable suggestions and tips. Cheersss…

I recently made such functionality by myself, beside an ad I also have a button to my other apps and also ask users to join facebook group or leave a review. Much better when you arrange that exit-screen by yourself.

no complains from users so far …