Showing Ads on Exit

I would like to know if showing ads on exit of an app against Google Play Policy?

It’s only against the policy if your exit ads load after showing the homescreen

Hi,Thanks for the reply.Normally doesn’t it show after loading home screen?i mean onBackPressed(){ } if i ad ads to it doesn’t it?

Most networks provide the option to initialize and cache ads when the app is launched. I’m using mobilecore onBackPressed and the offerwall is displayed instantly


For example consider a live wallpaper app.Usually developer set ads to show within settings right?and on back pressed they load ads ,consider they been fullscreen/popupads .And assume they have also included double tap to open setting right from main screen and when user change settings of particular wall and sets livewallpaper and they click back to exit doesn’t ad loads after going to home screen?

I see.What about mobvista,startapp ?

You should initialize the sdk in the onCreate method so the exit ad is loaded and ready to be displayed before they press the back button. Wallpapers are kind of a grey area when it comes to that part of the policy since it could be argued that the homescreen is part of the app. It’s also not very likely Google will notice unless somebody reports it. So it shouldn’t really be a problem unless the exit ad takes several seconds to load

I haven’t tried mobvista but startapp is actually one of the few networks I’ve seen complaints about their interstitials taking a while to load. That was a few months ago though and I haven’t tried their in-app ads yet so they might be better now. I think the main concern is from people using smaller networks or their own server for exit ads


Thanks for the explanation.i do load sdk on oncreate too.