Shout! A location based messaging app


Shout! Is a messaging app that lets you ‘Shout’ to other users in your area. This app could be useful for when you are looking for classmates to study/do homework with, you are at a sporting event or other convention, or just want to meet new people. Other users will never know your exact location, and you can also ‘Shout’ anonymously!

The current setting is at 20km until the app becomes popular enough. My goal is to have ‘Shouts’ be sent to users with a radius of 2-3km (more appropriate to get users at your college/university, stadium size, etc). Right now my app suffers from lack of users, but am hoping that posting here will help! If you could also get friends to try it out, I’d also appreciate it!

The link is:

I appreciate your time and any comments you have! :smiley: