Should I waste money on launching an app?

hello folks, i hope i’m posting in the right section, **you can skip to the bold font if you have no time reading all that,

i was about to publish new app, then i thought better come here and ask experienced people.
first of all i’m not a developer, im a Medical Student outside the country, i had some money was keeping for studying, and i had a developer account since few years before.
decided to upload an app, i have bought a source a code from “fiverr”, integrated my admob and published. used like 100$ marketing(waypedia) exchanged reviews here and facebook, i didn’t do much reskinning and edits, as i saw allot of the same app already on the market.

anyway within the first week i started getting around 16$-20$ /day 4000+ installs
didn’t check my top free rank. i was happy didn’t expect that, but within a week after google banned the game for copy rights. wasn’t so shocked honestly. i still kept getting money from users until admob also banned it.
but that gave me that excitement feeling that i should do it again, and do it right. so i worked , kept some money, had developer build a simple game, designed screen shots, icon, and everything, the game unique this time.
and published, used 400$ advertising on waypedia, and Ayetstudios as i saw good reviews about them here.

but here the game 1 week old and all i got is 3$ from 300 current installs from 4000 . i was disappointed i wasted 1000$ on that for nothing.
but then i thought maybe my game sucks, and just my friends liked it, cuz well, they’re my friends. i lost hope

few days later was browsing internet and found some sites for source code shopping, like found some cool app with good price, i remembered that my first app was a clone and it worked cuz people maybe already know the game and they like it, so bought a source code and decided to give it a try.

[b]sorry for the long story, but here’s the question,
do you think it’s good idea to reskin the game, and use all i have 200-300$ budget for advertising, as im looking for small monthly income 200$-400$ , i need 10-15$/day
what do you recommend for me? it’s casual game, do you recommend switching to a puzzle game, arcade ? or should i just quit down and leave the game ?


If money is all you want I would suggest online betting sites. Result is faster.

…yes, betting sites are waiting for you to get their money…it’s like wonderland. If just anybody knows that secret than no one would need to work anymore. free money for all

money is one of the results im looking for, as most of “MakingMONEYwithandroid” forum members.
thanks for your sarcastic suggestion anyway.

In my opinion, nobody here can tell you the best answer, this is to strategic and subjective to have a clear course of action.
Maybe try to consult with a Marketing specialist? Do you want me to give you a contact person?

i see, and okay thanks!

I don’t think $200-300 budget can help much for a reskin game.

I agree with the others. I think your first results were pretty much a fluke. The amount of work and money some of the folks around here have to spend to get those results on unique games that aren’t simply clones, is much more than a couple hundred bucks.

It depend on what kind of game you are playing. For number games like Keno etc, since it is computer, you can write your own statistics app to collect past opened numbers. If you have patience and wait it through after certain number of rounds, the numbers will open and the winnings will cover your past losses with profit. Key is the statistics and the probability. It is a bit of maths and a bit of luck.