Should i switch to another network?

I’m currently using Adincube but they changed. Delay with payments low income etc. nothing like 1 year ago.

Even i’m satisfied with iOS results. Android results are too bad.

Should i switch appodeal for higher income?



I’m gonna switch to Appodeal from AdinCube. Appodeal seem way bigger and more professional anyway.

Does anyone know if Appodeal still requires admob sync in order to display interstitials? Because I’m currently not using admob

Yes, admob is essential for appodeal.
Actually appodeal proved way more popular, safe and strong than all those mediation ad networks that popped up somewhere in 2015.


AdMob & Appodeal often sound like good alternatives to try.
You can also give a chance to Epom Apps, and compare the results. We ensure 95%+ fill rate, access to 25 exclusive demand partners (including AdMob demand as well) and a personal monetization manager from our side to assist you with any monetization-related questions.

We do provide app developers with aggregated payments. That means you won’t have to monitor dozen of networks and wait for the monthly payment. You will receive all your earnings with one payment.

I’ll be glad to tell you more about the benefits you’ll get with Epom Apps. Feel free to create your account here and get your personal manager for suggesting you the most effective ads for monetization.

All the best!

Does that mean that we don’t have to register an account for every ad network we intend to use? How about admob and facebook audience?

Hello Ryan,

yes, you are right! You don’t have to register an account for every ad network separately, including AdMob & Facebook. I’ll be glad to tell you how it works in more details. Feel free to ping me with a private message or at skype: Onemorenina

All the best!


First, let me apologize for the hick ups of the last few weeks.
With the recent Ogury acquisition, we moved from a 50 to a 200 people company.
We are currently structuring the team to scale on all sides.
We recruited people in all departments. We spent the last few weeks doing an intensive training and we expect the service for publishers to significantly improve the weeks to come (it will be even better than before).

Regarding your remark on android performance, let me assure you that nothing changed for the last year.
Which means that we keep putting in competition all networks for each ad request like we have always been.
If you saw a decrease on android, it’s simply because there is less demand on your app from the networks. This can happen.

On the payment side, I agree that there were some delays. This is due to the fact that the process was made by one team and got transferred to another one. This team had to be trained, which explained why it took a bit more time than usual.
That being said, I would like to underline the fact that we still have the best payment terms on the market:
we are the only ones to propose a 2% fee for fast payments and the possibility to get paid for all your past revenues (including the last 7 days).

We are working hard to solve these delays and things should come back to normal very soon.

If something is unclear or if you have specific questions, please feel free to send me a private message on my inbox.

Hello A1ka1inE,

You’ll find on top of this message some additional information that should give you a better understanding on what has happened lately on our side and why it’s going to get back to even better than before.

Can you please share a working email (or skype) where we can reach support? I had no response from support [at] lately

Hi guys,

last month I asked for a payment too, and after 20 days they sent me an email asking for a photocopy of my passport and I sent it … and this month the same thing happened but in place of the passport they want my vat number after 20 days from the payment request … is this normal? has it happened to you too? or do they just want only my passport?

I’ve used other ad mediation networks and nobody ever requested my passport.

I started thinking that they are looking for ways not to send payments…

AdMob is great for interstitials, especially in the US. But Startapp and Amazon perform really good too.

With Appodeal you have access not only to the most popular networks but also several ad demand sources.

Would like to check your game, can you PM a link?

I understand, but I’d be happier if Admob was optional


please contact [email protected]


With the Ogury acquisition, we have been advised by lawyers that we needed to gather more info regarding our publishers registered as individual.
It includes VAT number (only for european publishers) and registration number.
Indeed, we need to make sure that our publishers are respecting the rules of their countries and are paying their taxes on their revenues.

We have plenty of cash and are paying all our publishers.
At the same time, we also need to respect the laws and make sure we have all the required info.

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected]

You should try to Alphagravel ad network. You will definitely get a great result.

"Alphagravel’s SDK is simple to integrate and allows app developers to add ads to their Android app to monetize their traffic with different ads. The company offers Android app developers a best-in-class SDK and advanced predictive algorithms.

Initially the variety of new ad formats available from Native Ads to Interstitials to Mobile Video, to Offer Walls means that it’s possibly desirable to work with a number of SDKs to help several ad units at various points in the user journey.

Furthermore, the increase in international traffic and value means that to generate the highest revenues developers need to work with a variety of SDKs to provide good coverage in particular markets or regions.

In addition, the growth in real-time bidding, exchanges, and programmatic trading has raised a number of services that can offer ad-serving or mediation services that plug developers into demand from many demand-side-platforms, trading desks, and mobile advertising networks."

Do visit them for more information or else you can contatct us through our website. :slight_smile: :smiley:

No I have already sent several emails but you answer after a week making me waste time (one month for 4 emails), it seems that you answer more on this forum rather than email.

I just want to warn others who want to try adincube to stay away because it is the worst ad mediation network out there, and I say this after having tried many others (I make android apps since 2011 and I’ve never seen such incompetence) guys stay away from them, they only make you waste your time and money.

in the beginning they do everything to attract you, and after they stop answering even the emails, do not be fooled (always delayed payments (if they pay you), requests for unnecessary information, they do not inform you of any changes, non-existent support)

Sarah we expect replies from other developers to be able to exchange experiences not from the business promoters, so your answer I think it is not welcome.