should i integrate more ads ?

Hello guys, i have recently started android development, i have an app which makes about 4000-5000 download per day and a rating of 4.8, i use only admob, im making about 8-10 dollars per day with admob from about 6-7k active users per day, my question is, do you think i should integrate another network ? maybe airpush or something like that, im not so sure because im worried that my rating could get bad, or is the revenue im making now from admob fair enough to my number of active user ? i have about 40k admob impression each day and 8-10 dollars revenue per day.

ah! I just replied to your question on top free list. Once 30 days are over, you won’t get those many downloads.
Instead of using push/icon ads directly, first you can try admob interstitial.

You should be getting more than $10 a day from banners on an app with that many downloads a day, unless you’ve got a high uninstall rate. Try improving your refresh rate and layout of banner ads. A better CTR should help bring those earnings up.

If you’ve only just released it then that’s the best time to put more ads in. Like @javaexp said, once the first 30 days are up those downloads will fall quite a bit, unless you’ve managed to secure a place in the charts or something like that.

If you have a strong app, in that it’s getting those good ratings because it’s actually good, then something more aggressive like AirPush or StartApp shouldn’t hurt you.

if your app is a quality and useful app to the users, do not use push ads because your will quickly lose your active installs

my daily installs are about 3~7k and all my apps got rate 4.5+ i use admob banners and Appbrain exit ads no aggressive ads or negative feedbacks at all , i make about 50~75$ from admob and appbrain 10~20$ per day

If I was in your place, I would first target acquiring x number of active users and then see monetizing strategy of apps at that user level. For e.g monetization of Subway Surfers or TrueCaller

my daily installs are about 3~7k and all my apps got rate 4.5+ i use admob banners and Appbrain exit ads no aggressive ads or negative feedbacks at all , i make about 50~75$ from admob and appbrain 10~20$ per day

That is very high revenue for the installs per day - which suggests your returning users are perhaps very high (in addition). I have seen returning users about 70% of the new installs. In your case, I would guess your returning users are perhaps 2x or 3x the size of your new installs (i.e. DAU is 3x to 4x of new installs - since DAU includes new installs plus returning users) - higher returning users from higher interest in the app etc.

Is that a correct assessment ?

Correct ?

here yesterday statistics from google analytics
Total new installs :8300
Total Active installs: 13278
Avg. Session Duration : 1 min

ads requests:205,161
revenue :$86.78
installs : 119

this is the highest revenue since this month

This is excellent revenue for the installs/DAU.

For 2 of my apps - with 5500 DAU - I’m seeing around $2-4 from AppBrain exit ads (and some AppBrain banner ads). And Admob banner ads about $5-7.

Banner ad requests are about 30K (some being given to AppBrain). I am using some House Ads now also - but the above numbers are for prior to that.

Admob banner refresh rate is 120 sec.

For 5500 DAU, the 30K banner ad impressions is 30K/5.5K = 5.45 per DAU.

I assume the 13278 Total Active Installs are the DAU (Daily Active Users). For this many users (with Avg. Session Duration - 1 min) - your ad requests is very high.

205,161 for 13278 DAU is 205,161/13278 = 15.45

Suggesting a 4x higher refresh rate - are you using a 45 second refresh rate ?

However just changing refresh rate itself would not give the revenue boost - as the impact is minor to unchanged.

i use 30 secs refresh rate
Your admob banners revenue are pretty low have you tried admob banners alone with refresh rate 30 secs ?
and how often do you display appbrain exit ads ?

30 sec refresh rate is quite high - my impression was that (from many reports) that changing this not affects overall revenue that much (and keeping low may cause issues of incomplete downloads - since 30 sec is so short).

However, might try it for a day or two to see if it helps.

AppBrain exit ads are using the “maybe” API call - so shown once every 3 days.

I however use interstitial (AppWall) - and they make about the same or better than the admob (Leadbolt only but will be adding some others later).

It depends on your app type, if that’s a game(especially casual game), you’d better try interstitial ads, pop up 1~3 times one device. If that’s an app, appwall will be great, don’t use notification ad during your app is new, it can effect your users. I introduce when your app is downhill path, mostly in 2~6 months later, it’s better to monetize using notification ad, because it can improve your impression very much.

I don’t think you should worry too much about getting a little more aggressive since your first month out there is the time to be exactly that before the new app smells wears off :slight_smile: … Yeah, with that many downloads a day, you def should be seeing more than of $10 a day. Have you thought about using Airpush or Millennial Media? For me, they are the strongest performers, and I usually lean on Airpush really hard when first launching an app. Seems to give me earnings momentum that last a while.

That’s perfect revenue from admob, first your ecpm is good. im assuming your apps are targeted to the US and Europe ? because mine are targeted to the middle east so i have about $0.27 ecpm only, im also using 40 seconds refresh rate, do u think i should increase this to 30 ? i also want to know which countries do u get most downloads from ?

Middle East is naturally lower in eCPM than any Tier 1 country. Even the more economically solid ones. Majority of downloads, in general, still come Tier 1-2 countries (US, UK, Western Europe, etc) but each app is different in that aspect, of course.
I would only suggest to you that you use at least 2 more ad netwroks. Test them. They might have better solutions for you.

Try to move to another Ad Network as for those downloads you are getting very poor revenue, based on my experience and calculations you can get ~40$ for each 1k DAU (Using push ads, icons ads, good banners, walls…), have a good reading on this forum and you will get enough information for your next moves

I recommend you don’t use banner or notification ad if you care about ratings, actually interstitial disturb users less.