Should I generate app development cost estimate via app estimator available online

I am looking for an app developer to create an app on my idea. I search for a similar app on play stores and apple store but could not find any one. So i think its a unique idea and large number of users would be interested in using it.

When i searched on google i found few useful tools that help me in generating an estimate for mobile app development with all features i wanted to incorporate.

Using three different app estimator tools I generated app development estimate by selecting several available features for iPhone and Android.

Using Estimatemyapp(dot)com i found an easy to use layout however i was amazed to see high development cost with very limited available features.

Using Apprasoft app estimator I noticed wide array of available features which I could integrate in my app, the overall flow was very helpful and I got detailed cost breakup along with timeline giving me an idea how long development will take.

After using and I used but I wasn’t satisfied as it was not as much detailed as the other too.

I am still looking for app developers who could develop an app over my idea however after using app estimators I got idea how much cost would it take.

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Seeing that you already know how much the application development will cost, I would suggest you share with the requirement and we can provide you the quote. Judge it and come back to us.

And as LV426 has said rates vary from developer to developers as skill and experience vary.

We have a resource strength of 500+ having android, iphone , windows developers.
Also would recommend you to go with the cross platform technologies (phonegap), so it would be writing of just one code which would work on both iOS and Android. Plus being affordable.

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I often find it amusing that people are surprised at the cost of software development, and think it should cost peanuts, or a lot less than they think.
It’s very time consuming. Bear in mind that it’s not just a matter of coding. A software development project has lots of different aspects - gathering requirements, design, software architecture, database design, UI design, test case construction. Consultation with the customer that requirements are met.