Share your chartboost stats

I haven’t tried chartboost for android yet but have heard that it is generating $5 ecpm of late. Pls. share you chartboost stats so that we can have some conclusion. Per appbrain, chartboost has got 10% of total android installs:
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I’ve heard great things about ChartBoost in games, but I really don’t like their dashboard.
Everything seems to be fragmented and messy, as well as publisher and advertiser dashboards being in one place.

What are their payment terms anyone?

I use ChartBoost since last fall. They indeed offers the most messy dashboard of all ad networks. Their eCPMs are in “seesaw” for one day to the other but most of my traffic comes from France also. May be someone could get better results from USA. I don’t know.

My average eCPM with them is 0.75$ for interstitials. Most of the time my eCPMs are over 1$. I also use the “More App” feature which is great for self promotion and not complicated to put in place.

They changed their minimum threshold for payment lately from 300$ to 75$ for Paypal payments. Wire is still paid when you have accumulated 300$ of revenue. They pay net 45 days.

Hope it helps.