Setting up a new router - static IP?

I have a new router on the way - it takes a while though during lockdown [image]
At the moment I think my old router is playing up, my Macbook connects ok but the Windows PC says that “Wifi doesn’t have
a valis IP configuration” - it worked fine yesterday. On the first troubleshooting attempt it said it wasn’t fixe, on the second attempt
it said it is fixed - not sure what the difference was. Then again it still can’t connect to the internet even though it says it is fixed [image]
Anyway: I’ve ordered a slightly better router that advertises “4 aerials for greater range” and it’s supposedly a “smart modem”

Hey. Just saw your post and wanted to share my 2 cents to update the thread. The one with “4 aerials for greater range” and being a “smart modem” sounds pretty cool. With all your smart devices, it’s smart to prevent any conflicts. Setting a static IP address for each device can definitely help avoid any issues. When it comes to numbering the IP addresses, it’s generally a good idea to assign a unique address to each device. You can kick things off with something like for the first device, for the second, and so on. Just make sure to stay within the range supported by your router. For more solutions, you can check out I hope this still helps.