Service Charge for Wire Transfer on MobileCore

Dear all,

can you share me about the service charge for wire transfer on mobilecore, as I got the payment for Feb-2015, my money lose 55USD, as I check with my local bank they charge only 10USD. so the rest 45USD means mobilecore charge or what?

Thank in advance.

Use paypal dude, no charge, no fees either since they send as paypal balance. wires are expensive to send and receive so you get hit twice.

Oh I want to use too but in my country the paypal service is not yet available. So I can withdraw the money. that why I choose the wire transfer.

Really sad.

Hi kosal,Mobvista also support wire transfer and no fees,yes,we’ll pay it for you

Hi there kosal,

mobileCore doesn’t charge a fee but since you use international write transfer, a SWIFT fee of $20-$40 for payments over $500 will be applied. This also disturbed me because they said they don’t charge a fee; they are right, it’s not charged by them, but they should clarify it. I already sent a request to them for making this info more visible(like posting it on the help page).

I suggest you confirming the invoices every week if it’s less than $500 so you can avoid the fees, or do some math and find which way is the less expensive for you.

Have a wonderful day my friend!

I do not suffer from any charges with mobilecore. I received 4600$ few weeks ago viw wire and I think the charges was for the SWIFT

for me it is always 8 euro, that is charge + exchange fee

Well, it depends on where you live. US fees are different than Europe. UE taxes are also different than Europe.

Anyway, the fee that usually appears in such cases is the SWIFT fee; it’s also what mobileCore payment team told to me.

Romel, a little off topic, but, what you earning those money from? A sms to PH app? I saw another post with a pic of your earnings and there’s a nice living for you(good job) :). I googled you and only found an app for SMS to PH which was removed from Play Store.

Oh really great, how can you earn this amount, really good. what kind of application you develop? Yes but it should not so high for charge like that. and the amount that I get before 500USD.

Thank you,

Yes, but my amount below 500USD, why it chages so much?

I have few SMS apps which I personally owned the SMS servers and I remove them in Playstore during peak hours or if my server is overloaded to avoid negative ratings… LOOOOOOL haha

I am closely monitoring the load and then I remove them in Playstore 1 - 2 hours before peak hours. :slight_smile: That is my temporary solution while the system upgrade is not happening yet… :slight_smile:

Great, So good earning. :slight_smile: