Serious question about name

Hello guys, so I got awesome game. Problem is bescause there is game with that name but part 4. It’s called something like Rock This 4, and I wanted to name my game Rock This. What you think about it? Of course it’s not actually Rock This. Will I be safe? There is no game with extact name like that(Rock This), but there is 4th part… so?

At least with books it is, when something is a series that name is secured … you should find another name, pretty sure, you wouldn’t like it either when something copies your game name :slight_smile:

I normally reconsider the name, when I find any game out there with the desired name.

Also go on the Internet and do a trademark search to see if the name is trademarked

That doesn’t sounds convincing to me I would say try going with some other names !! “Rock This” isn’t creating interest that I can bet upon !! Try doing some research as I know name of the game itself acts as a deciding factor of the application popularity. I would say use something more catchy and one more thing think about the users you are targeting what I mean to say here is decide a name that can be remember easily, every country has some of their own catchy words. I can’t tell you right now what they are but I think just by doing a little googling you will be able to decide the catchy name which is surely going to help you a lot with the …