Serious Issue with Mobilecore

Because of the mostly positive feedback we wanted to integrate Mobilecore again. We integrated the newest SDK, but there is a serious issue that keeps us from using the network.
You simply can’t press the x-button of an ad on a phone. It works on a tablet, but not on phones. The hitbox of the x seems to be like 3x3 pixels small. When we integrated it the first time we needed to drop it, because we had a CTR of 40%. This is not good at all. Users leave the app and don’t come back and this leads to a decrease of active users, decreasing IAP and a bad app rating. Anyone knows how to fix this issue? Did we do something wrong?

did you setup screen sizes in the manifest? this will solve most issues.

I was using their v1 SDK and I don’t see that problem… Try what DroidGenie suggests.

Haven’t had this issue with v1.0 either I have to say.

That’s really weird. Our manifest is already optimized for any kind of resolution besides 320x240 and we never had any problems of this sort before.

I say talk to them if they can help you… SDKv1 have bugs and that might be one of the bugs…